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Danionella dracula
Panaque spec. „Papa Ojo Chico“  L 90a
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  Brachydanio nigrofasciata
  Corydoras tukano
  L234 Megalancistrus sp. Rio Urguayo
  Laemolyta taeniata (= Anostomus taeniatus)
  Corydoras concolor
  Aphyolebias peruensis
  Dwarf Shrimp Red Tiger
  Endler´s Guppy El Tigre

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Corydoras tukano

Hard to believe but true: it took five long years until we were able now to import once more Corydoras tukano. Now this pretty fish is finally available again. We obtained very stable, beautiful » read more

Cynotilapia pulpican

At the first glimpse Cynotilapia look very much alike the Malawi Zebras of the genus Maylandia In contrast to the zebras, in Cynotilapia the teeth are monoscupid (with two cusps in zebras). This diffe » read more