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Anentome helena
Barbus fasciatus, Glühkohlenbarbe
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  Cambarellus diminutus
  The possibly rarest fish in the world lives in Aquarium Glaser´s fishhouse
  Apistogramma viejita Variety II
  Leiarius marmoratus
  Gorgeous pipefish arrived from Nigeria!
  Emperor tetras in show size arrived
  Trichogaster leerii GOLD
  Apistogramma baenschi (= Inka I)

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Cambarellus diminutus

We received nice bred specimens of this tiny species from Indonesia. Initially Cambarellus diminutus originates from North America, where it occurs along the Gulf of Mexico. In contrast to the larg » read more

Apistogramma gephyra Bred

Do you know the difference between Apistogramma gephyra and A. agassizii? No? Well, you are in good company with that! Both species are really difficult to tell apart. They also appear at least in som » read more