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Brachygobius aggregatus - einer der kleinsten Fische der Welt
Trichogaster trichopterus „Golden Red Eye“
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  Ancistrus sp. L181 Rio Negro
  Pseudancistrus sp. LDA 32/L259/L321 Rio Tapajós
  Brachyrhaphis roseni
  New Endler Sports
  Corydoras adolfoi and C. duplicareus
  Dawkinsia rohani (formerly: Barbus or Puntius rohani)
  Corydoras sp.
  Panaque Blue-Eye

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New Endler Sports

Once more we received new sports of the Endler Guppy from our proofed breeder. "Green" is not only characterized by the green basic body colour, but also by the white flagged dorsal fin. And in » read more

Ancistrus sp. Black Rio Negro (L88)

We received a good number of pure black Ancistrus from the Rio Negro. These have no clearly visible markings, except one: a deepblack spot on the basis of the dorsal fin. This somewhat unspectacular, » read more