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Macropodus erythropterus
Ancistrus sp. Black Rio Negro (L88)
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  Nanochromis parilus
  Procambarus clarkii White
  Corydoras seussi
  Parambassis pulchinella
  Myleus schomburgkii "Big Black Stripe"
  Red Phantom Tetra: wild and bred ones
  Channa sp. aff. bleheri "Flame Fin"
  Hypoptopoma cf. psilogaster "sp. II"

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Procambarus clarkii White

The Louisiana crayfish (Procambarus clarkii) has become a real domesticated pet. Quite a lot of colour sports have been developed by breeders. These sports do not exist in the wild. One of these sp » read more

Mastiglanis asopos

Catfishes in general often look quite odd. This is for sure true for this dwarf catfish, which was described only in 1994 in a new genus. The maximum length of this fish is about 6-7 cm without the ca » read more