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Ancistrus sp. 2-color
Ageneiosus cf. atronasus
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  Protocheirodon pi
  Thayeria obliqua
  Biotodoma wavrini BRAZIL
  A new algae-eater from Burma: Garra vittatula
  Shell dwelling cichlids from Lake Malawi: Maylandia cf. elegans LIKOMA
  Nannostomus eques and N. unifasciatus: two odd birds
  Hemiloricaria bycatches

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Thayeria obliqua

Sadly the pretty Penguin tetra, Thayeria obliqua, is only very rarely offered. The species originates from the upper Amazon. Its congener T. boehlkei is always available in the trade. The origin of » read more

Cichla intermedia

Last week we obtained a nice importation from Venezuela that contained among many other fish three of the four species of Cichla known from that country so far: Cichla orinocensis, C. temensis and - f » read more