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Gymnotus stenoleucus
Xiphophorus hellerii MARLBORO
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  Ompok bimaculatus and O. pabda
  Gorgeous Crystal Red shrimps arrived!
  Nemapteryx nenga
  Brotia herculea
  L24 has been described: Pseudacanthicus pitanga
  Labidochromis sp. Hongi "Sweden"
  Sinibotia robusta
  Heros severus wild

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Ompok bimaculatus and O. pabda

Ompok are medium sized catfish that reach a length of 15-40 cm. They are close relatives of the only central European species of catfish, the Wels (Silurus glanis). Ompok look quite similar to th » read more

Cyphocharax multilineatus

After many years we were able to import the pretty and interesting tetra Cyphocharax multilineatus from Colombia again. It belongs to the Curimata-relationship. At the first glimps it reminds one stro » read more