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Polypterus mokelembembe
Allenbatrachus grunniens
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  Neocaridina davidi Fantasy Jelly
  L167 arrived!
  Poecilia vivipara
  Finally available again after many years: L354
  Rasbora sarawakensis
  Acestrorhynchus pantaneiro
  Brown-red Discus Madeira Nova Olinda do Norte
  Corydoras sp. Tukano Longnose

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L167 arrived!

Finally we were able to import again one of the most attractive species of Cochliodon: L167. The species belongs to the typical representatives of the genus, which feed mainly on soft wood. This ca » read more

Bangana behri

For the first time ever we were able to import a quite bizarre species of carp from Southeast Asia: Bangana behri. This up to 45 cm long relative of Labeo has in adult state a horn on the head and a l » read more