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Parapteronotus bonapartii
Jordanella floridae
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  Poecilia vivipara
  Finally available again after many years: L354
  Rasbora sarawakensis
  Acestrorhynchus pantaneiro
  Brown-red Discus Madeira Nova Olinda do Norte
  Corydoras sp. Tukano Longnose
  L273 Pseudacanthicus sp. Titanic XL
  Lonchogenys ilisha

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Brown-red Discus Madeira Nova Olinda do Norte

Madeira discus are famous for the high degree of red colours for decades already. Last week we received beautiful, brown discus from the Madeira region with the additional name "Nova Olinda do Nort » read more

Apistogramma agassizii Tefé

We received extremely beautiful wild collect specimens of this most desirable variety of Apistogramma agassizii. The fish show the stripes on the belly, which are so characteristic for the Tefé-variet » read more