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Hemigrammus filamentosus (=Hyphessobrycon cf stegemanni Phönix-Salmler)
Aplocheilichthys luxophthalmus (= Poropanchax luxophthalmus)
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Dwarf lampeyes (Fluviphylax) from Venezuela

The miniature lampeyes belonging to the genus Fluviphylax become only 1.5 cm long and are very slender. The delicate animals are very sensitive, so they are hardly ever imported. We are very prou » read more

Trigonostigma somphongsi

The Siamese Dwarf Rasbora (Trigonostigma somphongsi, formerly Rasbora somphongsi) has been described scientifically in 1958 on the basis of specimens that were imported by the ornamental fish trade by » read more