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Geophagus sp. Rio Caete
Copadichromis borleyi Kadango Red Fin
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  Xyliphius cf. lepturus
  Oreochromis niloticus
  Pseudanos winterbottomi and Anostomus ternetzi
  Pseudoloricaria sp.
  Moenkhausia phaeonota
  Papuligobius uniporus
  Pseudomugil sp. paskai Red-Neon has been described scientifically
  The latest golden nugget: Nematobrycon palmeri

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Xyliphius cf. lepturus

For the first time ever we could import this extremely odd species of banjo catfish. The eyes are reduced to very small, black spots. This is a hint either to a strictly nocturnal way of life or th » read more

Hemigrammus ulreyi

Finally we were able to import tis pretty tetra again. Among the numerous species of tetra that are kept and bred in aquaria this approx. 5 cm long species is quite obvious. Usually tetra species w » read more