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Copadichromis borleyi Kadango Red Fin
Apistogramma iniridae
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  Moenkhausia agnesae
  Uaru amphiacanthoides SANTAREM
  Pipa parva
  Wild collected Oscars from Brazil
  Glossolepis dorityi „Lake Nenggwambu“
  Denticetopsis seducta
  Crenicara cf. punctulatum Lake Tapana
  Melanotaenia rubrostriata „Dekai Village“

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Pipa parva

The Dwarf Suriname Toad from Venezuela is a real rarity in aquaria. We have a breeder that is able to offer us some specimens every now and then. At the first glimpse they nice animals remind one o » read more

Geophagus cf. altifrons „Rio Araguari“

At the first glimpse one would doubtless place this fish to G. altifrons. However, there are differences. Up to a length of about 10 cm this new variety exhibits exclusively a pattern of vertical doub » read more